ECLIPSE, the loudspeaker division within Fujitsu Ten, has joined forces with leading British A/V retailer Richer Sounds to introduce their TD-M1 (Read the Hifi Pig review here) to the portfolio.TD-M1_BK_02333

ECLIPSE’s partnership with Richer Sounds enables more music lovers to enjoy Eclipse loudspeakers and the company’s proprietary Time Domain (TD) technology. Richer Sounds, winner of Which? Magazine’s Best Retailer 2015 award, is offering the TD-M1 online, via its telesales centre, and to order from any one of its nationwide retailers.

Commenting on the new partnership, Paul Burnip, ECLIPSE’s Sales Manager said: “I’m delighted to be partnering with Richer Sounds who are making it even easier for consumers to experience the benefits of the ECLIPSE approach. The critically acclaimed TD-M1 is capable of transforming desktop audio systems everywhere and I’m thrilled that music lovers across the UK can now access one of the best-loved models from the ECLIPSE range through Richer Sounds’ website, telesales centre and store network.”

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