I think I may well have just discovered my most favourite place in the world. Edit is a small bar/kitchen/diner based in Bristol, but what it lacks in overall size it makes up for by the bucketload in coolness and an unforced but incredibly hip attitude.

Split over three small rooms Edit may not have the budget of the likes of Spiritland, but, and I’ll be perfectly honest here, the vibe you get from this place is really second to none. The owners, seasoned house and techno night promoters, have managed to encapsulate pretty much all that I love about those genres into one place and have added delicious small plate food options with a distinctly Japanese feel. I ate, among other things, a steamed bun with mushrooms and it was absolutely delicious – anyone who knows me well will know I steer clear of anything containing fungi, but I would order these again in a heartbeat. Don’t think this is some Berghain with dinner though, it’s not. The music, the food and the feel of the place all combine to make something that is so much more than the things that make it up.

We spent most of our night listening to Moodymann albums in the room with a pair of Technics 1210s, some Klipsch horn speakers powered by Icon Audio amps and a gorgeous rotary DJ mixer, but in the other rooms the systems were lovely too.

Walking into Edit you feel like you are entering a special place, anyone who grew up going to underground clubs will get it immediately, and whilst you have the open kitchen in front of you there is no escaping the kind of establishment you have just entered. Lighting is low, the music is just the right volume for you to know it’s there but not too loud to get in the way of conversation and the food and the clientele are unpretentious but super cool too – where else could you sit demolishing damned fine small-plate gorgeousness whist having your ears caressed by wonderful tunes and sit having a conversation about fine art with a very down to earth student from up North.

I started this small piece off by saying I think I’ve just discovered my most favourite place in the world and I have. It’s not going to appeal to everyone and to my mind that’s a very good thing, but if you get it you too will fall in love with this slice of un-cut heaven.

If you love great food with a twist then visit Edit. If you love your music and your hifi then visit Edit. If you are curious about what this old rave-monkey is hooting on about then visit Edit.

I might just move to Bristol!

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