With the new Solano Series, ELAC presents three new speaker models, the BS 283 bookshelf, FS 287 floorstanding and CC 281 centre speaker.

Made In Germany

Made at the brand’s  German manufacturing site in Kiel, he Solano Series remains faithful to ELACs design principles, forms, and materials. Rather than emphasizing individual elements, ELAC says they focus on their joint performance. ELAC chose a sleek rectangular shape combined with a gently curved front baffle, lacquer finish, solid aluminium base plate, and front-facing drive units.

ELAC Solano loudspeaker family


In keeping with ELAC’s design principles, the Solano Series comes with the JET5 tweeter, which supports the mid and low-frequency ranges with a driver that combines a smooth, anodized aluminium membrane with their AS-XR assembly process. What isn’t visible is the membrane’s unique AS-XR sandwich construction.

You can choose between mono-wiring, bi-wiring or even bi-amping. The down-firing system in the BS 283 and FS 287 offers an effective way of balancing the loudspeakers with the acoustics of your room.


ELAC Solano Series                FS 287               /          BS 283             /           CC 281

H x W x D mm:                     985 x 260 x 300        331 x 190 x 248              190 x 500 x 248

Weight:                                    19.0 kg                            8.0 kg                            12.0 kg

Type:                             2 ½-Way, bass reflex      2-Way, bass reflex              2 ½-Way, bass reflex

Woofer:                             2 x 150 mm Ø, A        1 x 150 mm Ø, AS               2 x 150 mm Ø, AS

Tweeter:                             JET 5                                    JET 5                                   JET 5

Crossover Freq:         450 | 2400 Hz                       450 I 2400 Hz                            450 | 2400 Hz

Frequency Range:      30 – 50000 Hz                  41 – 50000 Hz                             34 – 50000 Hz

Sensitivity:                 87 dB at 2.83 V/m             85 dB at 2.83 V/m                       87.5 dB at 2.83 V/m

Prices And Availability

The ELAC Solano will be available in high-gloss black and high-gloss white finishes starting in February/March 2021. The suggested retail prices for the BS 283 / FS 287 / CC 281 are €799.00 / €1,499.00 / €1,199.00 per unit.

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