Norwegian High end Audsio company Electrocompaniet announce a new product to their range called ECI 6DS. The ECI 6DS is an all-in-one music-system that streams music from your network, wired or wireless. Blu-ray players, CD players and even satellite television tuners can also be connected and everything is controlled by the simple to use remote control.
The ECI 6DS has an on-board DAC and boasts a 2 x 125 Watt integrated amplifier. Your analogue sources can be connected by balanced (XLR) and phono (RCA) inputs.
Key facts:
• Music streaming from W iFi/LAN
• Internet Radio
• USB playback
• Modern DAC with USB, Coax and Toslink inputs
• Powerful 2 x 125 Watts integrated amplifier
• 1 balanced(XLR) and 3 phono(RCA) inputs
• Balanced(XLR) and phono(RCA) outputs
All functions are fully controllable by the graphical remote control
Weight 21 kgs
The estimated RRP of € 5.320 / £4.315 and is available from October.


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