MrSpeakers, is a San Diego-based manufacturer of high performance headphones, and is introducing ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow with patent pending TrueFlow and V-Planar technologies. “TrueFlow technology elevates award-winning ETHER and ETHER C headphones to the next level in performance (and fun) while Italian leather ear pads lend a plusher feel to the headphone” says the company’s recent press release. Cropped_ETHER_Flow_Side

As sound waves pass magnets in the headphone motor they experience diffraction and reflection, adding resolution-cloaking noise to the music. TrueFlow aims to reduce these effects by smoothing the path of the sound wave, resulting in a major increase in clarity and resolution.

“Whilst developing electrostatic headphones Mr Speakers contrasted them to there planar magnetics and concluded that mass alone didn’t adequately explain the differences they heard. They hypothesised diffraction and reflection might be degrading sound more than we’d thought,” says Dan Clark, Headmaster of MrSpeakers. “So they created a motor structure that’s acoustically similar to an electrostatic stator, which really allowed the music to flow out of a deep-black background with exceptional texture and clarity; hence the name TrueFlowTM.”

“With the performance gains MrSpeakers has given its planar magnetic ETHER platform with ETHER Flow (and ETHER C Flow), their upcoming electrostatic ETHER has its work cut out for it,” says Jude Mansilla, Founder of “The ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow bring extraordinary clarity while still being impactful and smooth.”

TrueFlow works by filling spaces between magnets with a perforated material to form a perforated flat surface that’s acoustically similar to an electrostatic stator. “By reducing the negative effects of the motor assembly on the audio waveform, TrueFlow significantly increases clarity and detail retrieval”.

“The new headphones is are our most engaging, fun and immersive to date,” says Dan Clark. “They’re quite versatile, and the voicing is closer together than it is for ETHER and ETHER C. ETHER C Flow is the automatic choice if you need isolation. Otherwise, tonally the greatest difference is the upper bass to lower midrange. ETHER’s richer upper bass region delivers a punchier experience with jazz and rock, while for EDM fans the sub-bass of ETHER C Flow is a kick. Surprisingly ETHER C Flow is also great with acoustic and classical music.”

ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow include MrSpeakers’ hand-made DUM Cables or Premier Cables, and will available purchase for £1750.

Also, ETHER and ETHER C Headphones will have a slight price change at the end of August with a DUM Cable are £1575, and once the standard cables which we have in stock run’s out these will also no longer available (6ft @ £1450)

Upgrades to ETHER Flow and ETHER C Flow will be available for existing owners in the near future; upgrade price and timing is to be determined (these will have to be returned to USA)

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