Danish audio brand Eltax has taken a nostalgic look back at the imposing monitor speakers of the 70s, to create their new ‘vintage’ design loudspeaker.

A 3-way bass reflex, twin front-ported loudspeaker, the new Vintage PWR 1959 is equipped with a newly designed 38cm diameter cellulose bass driver, a 16cm diameter cellulose midrange and two horn tweeters with 25mm diameter domes.

Danish audio brand Eltax has taken a nostalgic look back at the imposing monitor speakers of the 70s, to create their new ‘vintage’ design loudspeaker

Walnut Cabinet

The floor-standing walnut veneer cabinet benefits from multiple reinforced braces including a separate enclosure for the midrange drive unit.

Eltaxsays: “With high sensitivity and very large power handling, this new Eltax loudspeaker explores the lower frequencies with impact down to the lowest bass notes, supported by the accuracy of the midrange and clarity of its treble, allowing the listener to experience the music with live concert-like audio reproduction… expected of a large, true monitor speaker”.

Eltax Launch Vintage PWR 1959 Monitor Speaker


Type:                                                  Floor-standing loudspeaker – 3 way

Tweeters:                                           2 x 1’’ dome with bullet and horn

Mid range driver:                              Cellulose pulp 6”

Bass only driver:                               Cellulose pulp 15”

Cabinet:                                             Bass reflex with two front firing ports

Frequency response:                      30 Hz – 22 kHz +/- 3 dB

Sensitivity:                                         96 dB / 1w / 1m

Impedance:                                       5 – 8 Ohms

Recommended amplification:        30-250 W

Power (RMS):                                   250 W

Dimensions:                                     W x H x D: 518 x 900 x 385 mm

Weight:                                              34 kg


Available in the UK from early December, they’ll have an SRP of £899 per pair.

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