EMMESpeakers contacted Hifi Pig to inform us that it’s started the production of its new flagship loudspeaker: The EmmesGalileo.

Developed from the concept of the companies Da Vinci loudspeaker (and its success in terms of sales) The Galileo is said to represent a “massive evolution” from its predecessor and when looking to design their new loudspeaker EMMESpeakers have looked to have presence, impact and towering soundstage as its design requirements.

The new Galileo loudspeaker is a three way , sealed box loudspeaker that sports four 10″ rear facing aluminium woofers, two 2.5” Accuton CELL ceramic woofers and a half inch Accuton CELL ceramic tweeter.

The loudspeakers are 86db sensitive, will handle 300 watts, have a nominal impedence of 6 Ohms and have a quoted frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz.

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