Situated deep in the heart of Wiltshire, English Acoustics, a new British Audio start-up, is launching with an all British made product, the Stereo 21c Valve Amplifier.

Capitalising on a classic retro style with modern twists, and added safety features, the Stereo 21c comes in bespoke colours according to the customer’s preference.

English Acoustics Stereo 21c Valve Amp in Atlantis Blue

Bespoke Colours

With colourful names such as Cotswold Blue, Marlborough Red, Lansdowne Gold and Stonehenge Silver; each bespoke ‘21c leaves the workshop, stamped with the official ‘Made in Britain’ certification. The ‘21c represents the first in a series of high-end products launching in 2021.

Hand Built

The English Acoustics Stereo 21c is a hand built 20watt ultra linear valve amplifier with CNC-Machined transformer casings made from a billet of aluminium. It has hand-wound transformers from a local British manufacturer and paper in oil capacitors used throughout with point to point valve socket wiring. It includes tilt and vibration cut out as well as thermal and over-current cut out for safety and has a medical grade power inlet filter.

The English Acoustics Stereo 21c Valve Amp proudly bears the ‘Made in Brtitain’ stamp


The price is £3995 for one of the12 in-house colours or for an extra £250 you can have it any colour you like, for the first 25 English Acoustics will waive the extra £250.

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