It was interesting to see that British brand Entotem, who’ve Hifi Pig have been watching with interest for a good while now, had got their Plato unit in the Avantgarde set up, though they hadn’t got it in the system when we first popped our heads in the room. So, we thought we’d have a bit of a chat with Entotem to see what was afoot. 2016-05-06 18.33.52

A representative for Entotem said “Avantgarde hooked Plato up as pre amp, used our DAC and hooked it all up to through their Avantgarde power amplifier. When they ran a demo they were mightily impressed with the sound and fidelity (or words to that effect) and decided to use Plato and the set up for the rest of Munich show.”

So is this a trend we will see in future with Avantgarde demonstrations? Being an owner of the company’s Duo XD loudspeakers it would certainly be an interesting set up for us to try in our listening room!


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