Entotem Ltd is a high technology company founded in 2013 by four music-loving entrepreneurs with a vision to design and develop a multimedia home entertainment system, which integrates both high resolution audio amplification and high definition video. The company’s vision was a system that combines the ability to convert, play and record analogue (vinyl) music with a high resolution audio, video and internet streaming service supported by an innovative Android operating system.

The four entrepreneurs, plus other shareholders have invested heavily into developing Plato, which is a high specification home entertainment system which will revolutionise the streaming and enjoyment of music, television, video and DVD.

The new system connects to existing HiFi equipment such as a vinyl record, cassette and CD players as well as DVD, Blu-ray and video players and television sets. Plato automatically records from legacy analogue devices and then replays at the highest quality – enabling record, CD, video and DVD collections to be stored in one place.

Martin Boddy explained: “This is a unique premium product which re-imagines home entertainment and represents more than 10 man-years of research and development.

“It is designed as a media management system – complementing the equipment that is already in the home and particularly enables people with a record collection to enjoy their music more flexibly at a high resolution which is far superior quality to the alternatives currently available.


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