Erzetich, an audio company from Slovenia, has released Gold, a compilation of indie music released on an audiophile-grade gold-plated CD. The aim is to contribute to the recognition of outstanding independent musicians and to offer audiophiles a superb music and audio experience.

Twelve songs in the compilation are performed by talented independent musicians and have been chosen among several hundred that applied. The compilation will be a welcome addition to any audiophile’s collection of CDs, as the prerequisite for selecting the songs was that the music was superbly recorded, in addition to the artistic quality of the songs.

Pop, Rock, Blues & New Age

Songs whose genres range between pop, rock, blues, and new-age are deliberately set in a sequence that brings together such diverse styles into a meaningful and homogeneous whole. Artists featured on the compilation are Mark Newman, The Inoculated Canaries, The Blue Dolphins (band of five-time Grammy award-winning producer/engineer), Jordan Paul, Alice Callari, Katie Ainge, The Fairest and Best, Mason Murphy, Lamontt, Tim McNary, Sweet Soubrette, and Catherine Duc (Grammy nominated).


Indie Musicians

The compilation is sold on Erzetich’s website for 10 EUR for no-profit – payment covers only material costs and shipping. The CD is namely intended as a promotion of amazing indie musicians that deserve a lot of attention for the quality work that they do.

Blaž Erzetič, the owner of the company, says, “We manufacture products that let you enjoy the music to its fullest. That’s why we are committed to working closely with the musicians, whether they are independent or famous and established. Our company will always continue to promote the art of music and good sound.”

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