Erzetich Audio, who make Boutique Handcrafted Headphone Amplifiers, got in touch to let us know about their new model. Blaz Erzetic told us: “Our class-A dual mono headphone amplifier – Deimos – has gone through some changes and improvements lately. Based on the feedback received from the audience at hifi shows and individual presentations we decided to tweak some things”.

The initial non-intuitive switch for digital volume control has been replaced by something that is straightforward for all users – a potentiometer. The latter is connected to the same digital volume control via a microcontroller”.

The front plate which was previously visually adapted to the switch, now made no sense to the new control approach. Additionally, it also appeared to be very complex to make and fragile while in the transport. Because of this we made a front plate by cleaner and sturdier design while still keeping the original spirit of our top range amplifier. On top of it all, there’s also been added a higher quality gold plated headphone connector”.

The new Deimos will be shown live for the first time at Munich High End in May.

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