The new Esoteric K-05 is a combined CD/SACD player as well as an outboard DAC for decoding your digital audio stored on your PC, MAC or media server. This unit uses the highly regarded ESOTERIC VRDS mechanism for playing of any form of CD or SACD.  It also is fitted with Digital to Analog conversion circuits using the AKM 4399 DAC chips in a dual differential design.  This new product is an upgraded replacement for the very popular ESOTERIC X-05

New in the K-05 is an improved voltage controlled crystal oscillator (VXCO) clock generator with it’s own dedicated power supply for improved accuracy and stability. The K-05, like it’s bigger siblings, the K-01 and the K-03, has multiple digital-to-digital conversion capabilities.  Material being played or streamed through the K-05 can be up-sampled to as high as 176.4 kHz at 32 bits or the played program can be up-converted to DSD (Direct-Stream-Digital) before running the signal through the D to A converters.  Five separate digital filters are included offering the ability to customize the character of the sound to one’s own personal taste.  In the tradition of the other “K” series products, the solidity and beauty of the product is exemplified in the sculpted aluminum panels and the massive anti-resonance steel sub chassis.  Other features include:

MSRP of $8,300.00

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