Evolution Acoustics has launched the MMTwo and MMThree loudspeakers which they say will MMTwo-Exact-Tight“transport you into the breathtaking realm of natural music”.

Evolution Acoustics’ MM series loudspeakers are designed and built around a philosophy of Maximum Modularity which essentially means that upgrading is easily accomplished by the addition of another module.

The MMExact, an acronym for External X-over Acoustic Compensation Technology, is designed, engineered, handcrafted, and assembled in the USA.

The midrange and tweeter achieve the same output characteristics as the MMSeven (the company’s flagship loudspeaker) and they say the woofers receive increased smoothness and definition.

The external filter does not degrade the performance of the loudspeaker’s  internal Constant Voltage Crossover Network say the company and looking at the quality of parts and the attention to detail it all looks very impressive.

The MMExact filter network is housed in the same acoustic cabinetry as the loudspeakers, which uses multiple layer construction which “helps reduce unwanted micro-phonic vibrations”.

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