Wire On Wire has launched Ultra-Tuned versions of its fully tunable Experience880 audio cable. Available as the Experience880-Studio (£650.00) and the Experience880-Stage (£650.00), the cables’ REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry has been tuned in Wire On Wire’s workshop to give listeners “the choice of hearing their music presented more analytically or with a more open ‘live’ feel to the soundstage respectively”.

Wire on Wire’s designer, Chris Bell explained, “Some of our clients told us they liked the idea of plugging a cable into their system straight from the box with the reassurance that they could make changes to it if they wanted at some future date. We took that on board and developed the ‘Studio’ and ‘Stage’ versions, both of which can be returned to the fully tunable version of the Experience880 if required.”

Wire On Wire’s REDpurl™ Adaptive Geometry allows its cables to be tuned at home or ultra-tuned in its workshop letting music enthusiasts explore the full potential of their audio system by making it easier to electronically match components. Wire On Wire interconnects are designed, hand-built and hand-braided in England.




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