Falcon Acoustics is very proud to be remaking history with its re-creation of the BBC’s first LS3/5A ‘no-compromise’ prototype design, conceived two years before the first commercial production in 1976.

Named in memory of the BBC’s Kingswood Warren Technical Research Department, where the LS3/5A first took shape, Falcon’s ‘Kingswood Warren’ Limited Edition represents the closest possible replication of the BBC’s final prototyped specification.

For the Kingswood Warren Limited Edition, which we were lucky enough to hear at the company’s new production facility near Oxford, Falcon has commissioned the following components:

Cabinets – the cabinets are made of specially selected and graded 9mm Baltic Ply, critically damped, with screw backs and finished in Teak veneer. They are built to look, perform and sound exactly as they would have done in 1974. Falcon used the original BBC LS3/5A cabinets Nos 3 and 4, and hand-written notes from BBC engineering staff to guide production.

Crossover – the BBC created transformer-style inductors for prototyping, using a size of radio-metal lamination that is no longer available and with an ingenious clamping system that allows for very accurate inductance value setting. Thanks to Falcon’s founder Malcolm Jones, Falcon had enough material to be able to replicate these key components for the 50 pair production.

Capacitors – the original BBC specification calls for capacitors using a Polycarbonate dielectric film, the production of which ended almost twenty years ago. After three years of searching, Falcon discovered a limited supply of the film, and has commissioned Falcon Polycarbonate capacitors to re-create exactly the BBC crossover from 1972/74, which was used to finalise the LS3/5A design.

Drive Units – Falcon has leveraged its unique association with the manufacture of the KEF B110 and T27 drivers to re-engineer the units using authentic recommissioned materials. This special provenance is possible through Malcom Jones who, as Chief Design Engineer at KEF, designed the originals in the 1960s.

Bespoke rose-gold plated terminals and badges, and an antique-leather style folding front presentation case complete this Limited Edition of 50 pairs. No further replications are possible. Falcon Acoustics plans to present a pair of ‘Kingswood Warren’ Limited Edition LS3/5As to the BBC.

They will make their UK show debut at the Bristol HiFi Show Fri 22nd – Sun 24th February, Room 430. Typical retail price (inc VAT) £6495 pair. Availability March 2019 while stock lasts.

You will be able to read about our factory visit and an interview with Jerry Bloomfield of Falcon very soon.



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