The Falcon GC6500R Reference speaker incorporates a number of proprietary technical advances including the Falcon Sonaweave™ Graphene Enhanced Nano-Platelet Cone deployed in the bass driver design. The use of Graphene allows the diaphragm to be 60% lighter and thinner than those of conventional drivers. 

Commenting Falcon’s Jerry Bloomfield said, “Falcon’s involvement in cone material development goes back decades, and it was clear to us that the incorporation of Graphene into loudspeaker cone material could give major improvements in driver response times, enabling the use of significantly lighter cones with greater rigidity and inherently better damping.”

Extensive computer modelling led Falcon to choose an inverse Hypocycloid profile for the waveguide used by the GC6500R’s 2” dome horn-loaded midrange driver, which has been re-engineered in-house to give a significantly smoother response whilst reducing the distortion by a further 40%. Integrated with Falcon’s front plate, the ribbon tweeter has been modified by Falcon. The GC6500’s robust crossover network is mounted on a rigid 3.2mm Laminated FR4 PCB with gold-plated double-side 2oz. copper tracking, and features precision-wound close tolerance Air Core Inductors, and Polypropylene Capacitors. All internal wiring is of 2.5mm TPE Insulation wire for optimum signal transfer. The speaker’s cabinet is hand-made in Italy using laminated 25mm MDF with an extra 9mm of damping throughout. The 38mm Alcantara® covered baffle is computer profiled for minimal diffraction while the 18mm reinforced rear panel features Falcon-profiled heatsinks within a precision tooled back plate. Finishes available include a choice of Walnut and Mahogany real wood veneers and, at a premium, exotic wood veneers or any customer-specified high gloss RAL colour.  The GC6500’s smoked glass top is complemented by metal work made from precision-ground MIC6 Aluminium Cast Tool Plate.

Commenting on the launch Jerry Broomfield said “With the GC6500 we wanted to show that a small British company can also make a big technological statement in speaker development. We commend the innovation and no-compromise design engineering represented by our Reference model to fellow enthusiasts in the cause of sonic balance and greater transparency in music reproduction”.

Falcon’s GC6500R Reference speaker will have its world debut at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.  Denver, Colorado, October 5-7 and at the Hi Fi Show, Beaumont Estate Conference Centre, Old Windsor 10-11 November.

Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz +/-3dB

Impedance: 4 ohms

Sensitivity: 91dB/2.83V/m

Power handling: 25-300W

Connector: 4mm Custom-Designed nickel-plated binding posts

Dimensions (HxWxD): 120 x 25.5 x 40cm

Weight:          62kg each including plinth

Available in October 2018, prices start at £18,995 and range up to £20,100 for custom RAL colours.



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