Austrian brand FalkenOhr has launched their CS-II cable laying system, which they claim ensures optimum decoupling of the individual cable strands and thus optimised sound quality.

FalkenOhr say that great sound is ensured by keeping all components of a hifi system free of interference. This also applies to the cabling of the components.

In order to decouple connecting cables optimally, FalkenOhr has developed the CS-II cable laying system. Disturbance by vibrations is minimised with its help.

Austrian brand FalkenOhr’s CS-II cable laying system

FalkenOhr CS-II System

While electromagnetic interference protection can be achieved by shielding of the cables themselves, vibrations and shocks must be tackled in other ways. Structure-borne or airborne noise from various sources impacts on the hifi cabling from the outside as well as from the inside. A solution that is as all-encompassing and as flexible as possible is therefore necessary.

In order to minimize the transfer of vibrations to the cabling, CS-II takes the following criteria into account, the optimal detachment of the cables from vibrating bodies, decoupling of the cable laying from the airborne noise by a housing , conversion of the vibrations introduced into the cable into heat and allowing cables to float as freely and as tension-free as possible without clamps


The CS-II cable laying system works for cables with a diameter range of 6 to 20 millimetres and uses NBR O-rings for free-floating mounting of the cables. This converts vibration energy into heat. The cables are also mechanically decoupled. In addition, CS-II makes use of a further decoupling system between the suspension and the hifi rack.

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