A hugely important part of any Hifi system, the cables, supports, power and acoustic treatments are well represented at Festival of Sound, find out more here.

There will be cables, expert advice and revelatory demonstrations in the main audio area of the show on the Mezzanine level. Room B5 (Sancerre) will host a full Hifi system allowing complete cable ranges to be experienced in an intimate and relaxed listening environment.

GIK Acoustics will be presenting their new Room Acoustics Visualiser and Create Your Own Panel software. This new software is designed to make buying and choosing the right acoustic treatment for you and your room easier than ever. Champagne level (1st floor).

Visit Nordost in D11 Medoc on 2nd Floor and hear why the QKore can help you finally unlock the potential of the audio components that you’ve already invested in.

Hifi components can produce and absorb energy that has a detrimental effect on sound. Quadraspire’s HiFi racks and Qplus interfaces reduce and dissipate resonance – see them in room D7 Graves on the 2nd Floor.

Russ Andrews pioneered research into the importance of mains quality and produced the UK’s first commercially available hifi mains cable. The range of Russ Andrews power products will be on display, together with Kimber Kable and Torlyte racks and supports on the Champagne level (1st Floor).

Supra is the brand name of Jenving Technology – a Swedish company founded over 40 years ago by a young former Ericsson engineer called Tommy Jenving. Since then, many new and innovative products have been designed and manufactured by Jenving and will be on display on the Champagne Level (1st Floor).

For nearly five decades the team at Townshend Audio have been working towards perfecting Hifi systems. Their quest is to find the best solution for every problem in the audio replay chain guided by common sense and engineering practice. See them on Champagne Level.

WireonWire’s REDpurl™ adaptive asymmetric geometry creates a unique audio cable. Unlike other cables, with their fixed geometry, it can be tuned. Designed and made in Britain, you will find WireonWire on the Champagne Level.

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