Flamingo Audio have quite a line up for The North West Audio Show….take a look.

JK ACOUSTICS Reference CD Transport

The JK Reference is a high end CD Transport made in the Netherlands, priced just under £4K. It utilizes a Philips CDM12 Pro transport mechanism installed on a 15mm thick aluminium plate suspended on 4 massive legs

which form the chassis outer corners and is optimally decoupled by silicone rubbers of low resonance.

The power supply is a high quality stabilized unit and connections available are 1 xSPDIF (RCA) & 1xAES-EBU XLR).flam4



TULIP Hybrid Integrated Amplifier SRPP – 2x180W/8 Ohm – Built-in 24/192kHz Cirrus Logic & Burr-Brown DAC – VDF display by Noritake – Shunt Relay Volume Control by Takamishawa,

Mundorf M-CAP Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil and MLytic HC Caps used – Without caps & audio transformers in the signal path, or any type of feedback – 100% SRPP tube stage gain. Price £13,650.flam1


Zellaton is a specialist loudspeaker manufacturer using a unique diaphragm technology by Emil Podszus dating back to the 1930s: lightweight, torsionally stiff rigid-foam diaphragm with ideal unit pulse response.

They are painstankingly made in-house in Germany, from start to finish by a third-generation family member, Manuel Podszus. Each diaphragm takes several weeks to manufacture, in order to ensure optimum

cell structure integrity and maximum rigidity paired with minimal weight. The magnet systems are computer-optimized with a largely linear field along the entire height of the pole plate.

High temperature coils on titanium films are used to guarantee optimal unit pulse response. Every single driver is subjected to multiple control measurements and fine adjustments. Each frequency response

is logged and documented. Documentation of all drivers shipped guarantees years-long service. The crossovers are made with no compromise Dueland Coherent Audio components.

The cabinets are of very intricate design featuring proprietary, calibrated wooden materials with wall thicknesses up to 68mm. Handmade cabinet coating, painting and polishing process takes up to months –

to ensure a perfect finish. The Legacy is a 2-Way Reference Monitor System (on dedicated stands)which never fails to surprise with the very high level of performance is capable of delivering. Price £19,950.flam5


The THESEUS valve integrated amplifier is an exciting new model with many interesting features.

It is compatible with EL34, KT88/6550, KT120, KT150 valves and operates in Class A. Pentode, or Triode operation and normal, or Low Feedback can be selected by easily accessible toggle switches.

It provides 3xLine, MM, USB inputs and a transformer headphone output with high/low impedance selection. The volume is controlled by a  motorized blue Alps potensiometer.

Power output depending on the output valves chosen ranges from  2 x 10 – 22W. Price with EL34s is £1,480. During the Audioshow a limited number of Theseus amps will be offered at a very special price!flam6

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