Flare Audio is planning to take its technology to the listening public, with the launch of a campaign on Kickstarter to raise awareness of its consumer headphones. The campaign launched this Team_Flareweek (May 5th) and runs until June 3rd 2015.

The Kickstarter campaign enables investors to purchase one of three in-ear R2 models, and the R1 Mk2 over ear model, all at an introductory campaign price that will revert to full SRP following the end of the campaign. Hifi Pig recently reviewed the R1.

“The Reference R2 in-ear phones provide listeners with an ‘in the room’ experience, and takes Flare’s innovation in distortion-free sound to the micro level. The R2’s innovative design offers unrivalled purity of sound in a small, lightweight package, while its enclosures are precision-milled so that the pressures on both sides of the driver are balanced. The sound is channelled to minimise internal reflections as it travels into the ear” says the recent press release  we received..

The R2 earphones will be available in the following options:

  • R2ANatural aluminium
  • R2ABlack anodised aluminium
  • R2A Olympic Studios Limited Edition anodised in Olympic Red.
  • R2S Stainless Steel: Each R2S is manufactured from a solid bar of stainless steel 303. This material is 6x stronger than aluminium 6082, with the idea being to improving sound quality when coupled with Flare’s pressure-balancing technology.
  • R2PRO Titanium:Each R2PRO enclosure is manufactured from a solid bar of titanium grade 5. This material is 12x stronger than aluminium 6082 and is the only element to feature a close packed hexagonal structure. It’s this atomic symmetry coupled with R2’s cylindrical design (the strongest possible shape) and Flare’s patent-pending pressure-balancing technology that results in the R2PRO’s enclosure being very rigid.

The Reference R1 Mk2 over-ear headphones follow the soft launch of the R1s earlier this year. These have been designed for the pro audio market and provide distortion-free sound using Flare’s patent-pending Space™ and Vortex™ technologies to remove loudspeaker ‘noise’, keeping the audio signal true to the artist’s original sound. They’re serious kit for those who are serious about sound, and the longer you listen the more the ears ‘adjust’ to hearing ‘pure sound’, as it was created as source.

Options for backers range from pre-ordering one headphone models for delivery this summer, including Flare’s ‘want list’ R2 titanium grade 5 model. In addition, to celebrate the unique Flare Audio relationship with Olympic Studios, the company is offering Kickstarter investors a limited edition of their Reference R2 earphones, anodised in Olympic Studios red in limited edition Olympic branded carry bag.


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