The anthemic new single by Nashville based quintet Flight Attendant sees them upping the ante on their first release of 2020.

Having issued just two songs since debuting with the slo-mo post-punk groove of ‘Slow June’ in August 2018, ‘Man Of Chaos’ pulsates with a robust, hypnotic energy that blends alternative and heavy rock, glam, grunge and pop with provocative lyrics that may or may not be a direct reference to their current President. The song was produced by Grammy winner Charles Yingling and serves as a fitting teaser for further new songs to come.

Lead singer Karalyne Winegarner states: “‘Man Of Chaos’ shines a light on that dark and creeping chaotic energy slowly seeping through the cracks of social turbulence,” adding that “it is about waking up to a certain side of yourself. Chaos is a catalyst for change, and I hope that our expression of it via this song can help to somehow tip the scale towards that unapologetic change so many are long overdue.”

An inventive promo clip for ‘Man Of Chaos’ was created during quarantine by the band members shooting videos of themselves on their phones, with the footage then edited by viola player Nikki Christie.

Displaying influences in their repertoire that include The Cure, Foals, Arcade Fire, Lana Del Rey and Vivaldi, Flight Attendant have already established themselves as a local fans favourite via a series of ecstatic live performances and see themselves as ready for the national stage and beyond as soon as their debut album hits the stores and lockdown is lifted. “Nashville has proved to be a great inspirational incubator. It has a certain air of influence and style that has really weeded itself into our band,” adds Winegarner.

The group are currently creating their debut album with Yingling, which is scheduled for release in late 2020 by Moraine Music Group in association with Membran.
Flight Attendant is ready for takeoff.

Karalyne Winegarner – lead vocals, piano, guitar
Vinny Maniscalco – lead guitar, vocals
Nikki Christie – viola, vocals
Mike Cottrell – bass, vocals
Derek Sprague – drums, vocals

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