Effective immediately, Franc Audio Accessories equipment Racks and Platforms will be distributed throughout the US and Canada by Monarch Systems Ltd.

Monarch Systems Ltd. of Colorado has announced its appointment as the official American distribution partner of Franc Audio Accessories, the Polish manufacturer of high-end audio isolation furniture.

Franc Audio Accessories Distributed By Monarch Systems

Franc Audio Accessories 10th Anniversary SE Platform/Amp Stand


Established in 2009, Franc Audio Accessories produces mechanically-oriented audio isolation products. Franc was founded by Paweł Skulimowski, a mechanical engineer with a Master of Science degree from the Technical University of Gdańsk. Paweł combined ultra-hard ceramics, wood laminates, elastic polymers, and precision machined aluminum to eliminate the vibrations and resonances that obscure the clarity of recorded music. These engineering-intensive elements were then merged with design, fit, and finish, and Franc Audio Accessories was born.


With the addition of Franc Audio Accessories to their stable of products, Monarch Systems is now truly “one-stop distribution,” or full system provider, offering products in each of the electronics (Alluxity), loudspeaker (Chario), cable (Siltech), and accessory (Franc Audio Accessories) categories of audio reproduction.

Effective immediately, Monarch Systems Ltd. will assume the importation of Franc products, creation of dealer networks (distribution) in the United States and Canada, the establishment of sales and marketing channels, and the development of media and review relations.

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