DISCO is big at Hifi Pig Towers and many a Saturday night is spent strutting our stuff around the listening room…there’s even talk of us getting a mirror-ball. So what better than this album by all girl three piece that had a huge hits in ’79 with Strut Your Funky Stuff (you’ll know it of course!) and their follow up “Getting Serious”.


The original album only had four tracks on it, though they’re all (bar one) over seven minute extended disco mixes. This re-release on Big Break Records has the original four tracks plus another four bonus tracks, including the fabulous Steady With Teddy.

By the time this record came out the anti-disco backlash was at its height and on July 12th of ’79 there was the infamous Disco Demolition Night at the White Sox baseball ground in Chicago where disco records were exploded and a riot ensued. However, disco continues to show its influence, take a listen to Jimmy Somerville’s Club Homage for example, not to mention house and garage music.

So, Frantique is unashamedly disco and it’s a great record that has all the required elements of this really wonderful genre; four to the floor beat, finger snaps, funky basslines and all the rest.

If you enjoy disco this is a great record. It’s had a good few plays here over the last few weeks and Strut Your Funky Stuff is one of the classics! The front cover of this album really says it all!

Stuart Smith

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