To celebrate the recent release of McIntosh Laboratory’s first-ever headphone, the MHP1000, the US giant’s UK MHP1000_001distributor, Jordan Acoustics, is giving away a free pair (worth

£1,995) with every pre/power amp purchased in March 2015. The promotion, which starts on Sunday 01st March, is available throughout McIntosh’s UK dealer. 

Participating products include: 

Power amps: MC 2KW £39,995; MC 1.2KW £12,495; MC 2301 £12,495; MC 601 (pair)

£16,995; MC 301 (pair) £10,995; MC 275 Mk VI £5,995; MC 205 £7,495; MC 207 £9,295; MC 8207 £6,795; MC 302 £7,995; MC 152 £4,995; MC 452 £9,995; MC 303 £11,995

Preamps: C1000C £11,495/C1000P £11,995/C1000T £11,995; C500C £6,995/C500P

£7,995/C500T £7,995; C2500 £7,995; C48 £5,795; C50 £7,995

What McIntosh have to say about the MHP1000 

The McIntosh-designed headphone driver in the new MHP1000 has been carefully engineered to complement any current or legacy McIntosh headphone amplifier, plus a wide range of third-party electronics.

The MHP1000 has been voiced to deliver a smooth yet transparent, full-bodied, non- fatiguing output, and is both supremely comfortable and easy to listen to over long periods. Its closed-back, circumaural design eliminates external noise and distractions for a fully immersive personal listening experience.

Its clever design has produced an ergonomic, lightweight headphone that requires minimal pressure to secure them on the head and ear, permitting all-day (or all-night!) comfort for those longer, relaxed listening sessions. The ear pads and headband feature a premium, natural soft leather for luxurious comfort.

Two detachable cables are also included: a 1-metre lead with a 3.5mm stereo connector, plus a 3-metre cable with a 6.3mm (1/4-inch) stereo connector. Both cables feature high- quality gold-plated McIntosh custom-designed connectors and shielded wiring for the best possible sound quality.


Transducer type:                     Dynamic, 40mm-diameter 3-layer compound diaphragm with

viscoelastic centre layer

Operation:                                  Circumaural, closed-back, bass-ported

Frequency response:               5Hz to 20kHz

Impedance nominal:               200 ohms (compatible with all McIntosh headphone outputs) Nominal SPL:                                                97db (1Mw @ 500Hz)

Max SPL:                                 122dB (300Mw @ 500Hz)

Magnetic circuit:                     One Tesla annular neodymium magnet motor assembly Headband and ear pads:                                        leather

Detachable cables included:  1x 1-metre cable with 3.5mm stereo connector;

1x 3-metre cable with 6.3mm stereo connector (gold-plated custom-designed connectors)

Weight:                                      464 grams


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