Focal and DS automobiles are industry leaders in their respective fields. The partnership is centred around a strong heritage of engineering and the desire to provide an exceptional sound experience to owners of premium vehicles.

Following in the footsteps of the DS 7 Crossback and DS 3 Crossback SUVs; the Focal Electra system, featured in the DS 9 fastback, has new advancements and is composed of 14 speaker drivers.

Premium Hifi System

The DS 9 combines power, comfort and hybrid engines capable of up to 360 horsepower: The journey is enhanced by the acoustic pleasure offered by the Focal Electra Hifi system.


Specially designed for the French car manufacturer’s DS 7 Crossback SUV, the Focal Electra 14-speaker driver version was the natural choice for engineers and designers from both brands for the Hifi option in the DS 9. The teams have collaborated closely to define each of the bespoke speaker-driver positions, offering all passengers total sound immersion.

Acoustic Comfort

The DS 9 is available with different refined interiors and high-end materials –grained leather, clock-making elements, etc.-, its acoustic comfort is also focused on luxury.

Acoustic glazing, heat-sealed casings to eliminate vibrations, new design-led grilles with Focal Electra lettering: from the start of the DS 9 design process, listening quality has been centre stage. Thanks to the specific sound processing and the use of two-way rear channels, the soundscape is, say Focal, “enveloping, detailed, stable and precise”, with a very specific focus on rear passenger enjoyment.

Focal Electra System

This high-end system incorporates three exclusive technologies –Polyglass cone, TNF tweeter and Power Flower™-subwoofer– and comprises 14 speaker drivers:

  • four 61/2” (165mm) woofers/mid ranges in the car doors;
  • one 31/8” (80mm) Polyglass centre speaker positioned in the dashboard;
  • four inverted dome tweeters in the rear-view mirror pockets and rear doors;
  • one 77/8” (200mm) Power Flower™ subwoofer built into the parcel shelf;
  • satellite channels using two 80mm Polyglass midranges and two inverted dome tweeters.

Focal says: “Passengers are at the heart of the sound, a precise and balanced sound combining controlled and dynamic sub-bass with a rich, finesse-laden treble. Finally, an active Class AB/Class D hybrid 12-way –515W– amplification brings this system together for even greater sensations”.

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