Schiit Audio has introduced Fulla, its new micro-sized DAC/headphone amp combo for use with virtually any computer. The USB-schiit-logopowered Fulla delivers up to 24/96 HD audio with a digital to analog converter, together with a headphone amp with up to 10x the power of a typical computer headphone output port. Priced at $79, the Fulla is the most affordable dongle DAC/amp available today say Schiit.

“Best of all, Fulla has a real, analog volume knob on it—a feature that makes it easier to use than any other dongle-DAC,” said Jason Stoddard, Co-Founder of Schiit Audio. “There’s no software volume, no drivers, no digital volume processing—just plug in, turn the knob, and you have great music.”

Fulla uses many of the same parts as other Schiit products, from the CM6631A asynchronous USB input receiver, to the AK4396 digital to analog converter. Combined with thin-film resistors, and Analog Devices ADA4610 and AD8397 output devices, Fulla is said to provide “excellent sound quality beyond its modest price”.

Fulla also features a custom steel and aluminum chassis. “We made a conscious decision to keep Fulla simple and concentrate on sound quality first,” continued Jason Stoddard. “Fuller’s designed to take with you, and use on multiple computers, so plug and play operation was very important. We also wanted to get away from complex or gimmicky feature sets that might require custom applications for different OSes. The result is a small, good-sounding, and quite powerful little device that sets the bar on value for money.”

Like all Schiit products, Fulla is made in the USA, with the vast majority of its total production cost going to companies manufacturing in the USA, and local assembly, testing, and support through Schiit’s Valencia, CA offices.

Fulla, (in Norse legend, a goddess, a “bountiful healer,”) is available to order now.


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