Japanese cable and accessories manufacturer Furutech continue their assault on the various unwanted ‘intruders’ that can get in the way of peak hifi performance. The new destat III aims to eliminate dust and static from analogue and digital media, from audio and video components and, claim Furutech, from pretty much anything.

The destat III is the third generation model of Furutech’s original destat. Furutach say “it removes dust and static charge from any and all audio and video media in just one 15-second treatment”. Hold Furutech’s destat III over your chosen media and press one button. In just 15 seconds, the fan removes dust while a balanced ion flow generator releases a balance of positive and negative ions to eliminate static.

As any fan of high-performance audio knows, static charge builds up on analogue and digital discs. Whether vinyl, CD or DVD, this charge constitutes unwanted electrical interference as well as attracting dust, both of which can lead to distracting noise and compromised sonic performance. The new destat III delivers about 30% more “zapping power” that its predecessor, the destat II. It has also been restyled with a more ergonomic design and now runs on AA batteries. A safety circuit prevents any small electric shocks from the balanced ion flow generator.

So, say Furutech, why stop at just your media? “Almost every component in a hifi or AV system will benefit from eliminating its static charge (best to switch them off during treatment). You can also use the destat III on power cords, speaker cables, interconnects and any and all accessories that include metal components such as record clamps”.

The Furutech destat III is available now priced at £299 (including VAT).




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