The lovely Carlo at Audiophilia in Edinburgh has been in touch to tell us about an event in conjunction with G Point Audio that will take place this coming weekend. G Point Audio recently won the Hifi Pig Loves you at The North West Audio Show and so it should be a great day out. 

Carlo said “We’re excited to announce our event with G Point Audio, who offer the very best in artisan audio playback and hi-fi systems. Together we’ll advise on how to put a great system together for a reasonable budget and will showcase some of the brands available here at Audio-philia, including: Lampizator, hORNS, Fezz Audio, Egg-Shell, COS Engineering, Pre-Audio Turntables.

Greg at G Point added “At G Point Audio, our deepest desire is to share with a wider audience the truth that the very best in audio playback does not always come from the biggest names in the industry. The products that G Point Audio has carefully chosen to represent come from a very different philosophical perspective. They are made by individuals and small groups of people passionate about music, recording techniques and above all music reproduction in the home. These are people who have devoted their lives to pursue audio excellence without being constrained by the shackles of commercial pressures. These artisans are driven by their passion to recreate music in its very purest form and to get to the very essence of the composition whatever the financial expenditure. They are unconstrained by bookkeepers and accountants keen to drive the bottom line and they have a single-minded obsession to achieve true high fidelity at any cost. As a result of this fixation on excellence the works of art they produce are often extraordinary, unique and beautiful.

The event takes place at Audiopilia in Edinburgh on the 14th and 15th of July from 10am each day…and ex-chef Carlo makes great coffee too and I’m sure he’ll be happy to make you an espresso or two during the event.


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