Hifi Pig received a press release today announcing the launch of G Point Audio,

G Point Audio will be offering a carefully selected portfolio of artisan hifi products from Poland to the British audiophile. The products in their collection are designed and crafted for the “most sophisticated and enjoyable musical experience possible” and are made by people passionate about music and audio reproduction.

Greg Drygala the owner of G Point Audio says that the artisans  he is working with are “passionate about music, they are fanatical about sound and they refuse to bring compromise of any kind to their creations” and It is this attention to detail that he believes will help set the G Point Audio collection apart from others. Having spoken to Greg on a number of occasions it is clear that he shares this passion and will bring this to the business.

The collection includes selected pieces from Lampizator, The Absolutor Linear Preamp, Cube Audio loudspeakers, Auto-Tech horns, and exquisite cables from Albedo and Argentum.

G Point Audio  are confident that the products and brands they carry will become “beloved items with which you will share many intimate moments of listening pleasure and they will become part of your home as would a work of art” and looking at some of the really superb looking speakers in particular, Hifi Pig can see why he should think this.

In these times of financial uncertainty it is great to to see the launch of a new hifi dealer for the UK and we at Hifi PIg wish Greg and his team all the very best for the future.

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