Advanced Communication Solutions (ACS) has announced its partnership with other leading British companies MeridianGMsignature Audio and Asprey to create 1,000 sets of limited edition, bespoke moulded earphones, endorsed by legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin, with a generous donation from each set going towards funding vital research being carried out by UK charity Action on Hearing Loss.

Further enhancing the package is a signed, limited edition portrait of Sir George painted by legendary drummer and painter Gilson Lavis.

The concept of the Sir George Martin Signature Custom Earphone was sparked by Sir George’s desire to encourage research, education and awareness of the life-changing impact of noise-damaged hearing loss.  After a discussion between Sir George and ACS founder Andy Shiach, this unique collaboration was formed to protect people’s hearing and raise vital funds for Action on Hearing Loss, the only UK charity dedicated to funding research into treatments, devices and cures for hearing loss and tinnitus.

“The George Martin Signature Series earphones designed by ACS are at the cutting edge of earphone technology allowing you to experience the music you love with clarity at a safe sound level. I am also very grateful to ACS for supporting Deafness Research UK’s important work with a generous donation from the sale of each set of George Martin Signature Series earphones.”
Sir George Martin

The result is the launch of this unique earphone package, which is based on the ACS Pro-Audio Custom In Ear Monitor Series.  Each earphone contains three balanced miniature speakers – a large dedicated bass speaker for sub frequencies and upper bass, a mid-range speaker for low and high midrange frequencies and a tweeter for the high frequency range. A three-way crossover directs the correct frequency range to the right speaker, with all of the speakers and electronics housed in ACS’s soft silicone custom ear mould. Cabling is taken care of by ACS’s new  Linum® cable series, which was designed by Danish micro cable specialist Estron®.  Each cable is made up of 6 litz wire conductors of 7 individual strands, with each strand constructed from silver plated copper with enamel coating. The earphones are delivered with an innovative UK developed and manufactured hearing dose management unit, HDMPro, designed to keep the output from the earphones within the limits set by the EU noise at work legislation.

To package this quintessentially British product, Asprey, who since 1781 has developed into the finest British jeweller and luxury goods house, were commissioned to design and manufacture the beautiful, individually hand-crafted presentation case that accompanies each pair of Sir George Martin Signature Custom Earphones.

Meridian Audio, winners of the Design Council Outstanding British Product Award an unprecedented three times and who continue to push the boundaries of sound, also add British excellence to the offering. Their new Meridian Explorer2 digital to analogue converter (DAC) unit is also included.

To further enhance the uniqueness of this exclusive product, legendary UK drummer and painter Gilson Lavis was commissioned to paint Sir George’s portrait and a signed and numbered print is included as part of this very Best of British offering, making this product a truly once-in-a-lifetime exclusive.

The ‘George Martin Signature Series’ is a strictly limited edition. There will only be 1000 pairs available worldwide with a UK SRP of £2250.00 including a donation of £250.00 to charity Action on Hearing Loss.


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