German Physiks will be at this year’s High-End in room F210. They will be playing a set High_end_munich_2014_GermanPPhysiksof PQS-302 as their main loudspeakers and these be driven by a full set of Esoteric’s new Grandioso electronics. Their full system will comprise:

Grandioso P-1 SACD/CD-Transport

1 pair Grandioso D-1 Mono-D/A-Converters

2 pairs Grandioso M-1 monoblock amplifiers

C-02 Pre-Amplifier

G-01 Master Clock

They will also be playing Borderland Mk IV HRS-120 Mk II which is a new version of the HRS-120 with a 10-inch woofer instead of an 8-inch and will be released in October 2014 plus their Unlimited Mk II.

At High-End Munich they will also be displaying the new Ultimate design which uses the same cabinet and design as the Unlimited MkII but has the crossover tuned to give a slightly warmer sound.

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