The HRS-130 replaces our long-running HRS-120. It features a carbon fibre cone German Physiks DDD driver, mounted on top of an octagonal section columnarGPHFN1 cabinet, with a downward firing 10-inch woofer located in the base. This replaces the 8-inch unit used in the HRS-120. A slightly taller cabinet allows for a larger Helmholtz resonator, which combined with the new woofer “provides a cleaner and more authoritative bass” says the company’s press release. Other improvements include: 2 sets of WBT’s nextgen™ binding posts to allow bi-wire/bi-amping; a redesigned crossover for better dynamics and resolution and a restyled mount for the DDD driver, which together a new all-over high-polish polyester finish (in black or white) gives the HRS-130 a sleeker and more luxurious look.

Satin veneer or paint, high-polish veneer and carbon fibre finish options are also available.

Pricing is from £11,900 to £15,450 depending on the finish.

The DDD driver is proprietary to German Physiks. It is a wide-band transducer using pistonic, bending wave and modal radiation. In the HRS-130 it covers the range from 220Hz to 24kHz, so there is no crossover in the mid-range, yielding a major improvement in clarity. The DDD driver also has a very low moving mass, so the transient response is excellent. In addition it is phase linear across its operating range, giving excellent timbral accuracy.

Because the DDD driver has an omnidirectional radiation characteristic it produces a well focused stereo image that can be enjoyed from a wide range of positions in the listening room. This contrasts with the small “sweet spot” that many conventional loudspeaker designs produce.
Read what Hifi Pig had to say about the new speaker here.


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