roksponsmallIn 2014 Chris Sommovigo had a little side project called A.H.A or “After Hours Audio” where he made a few cables designs in extremely limited quantities and sold them to a small ‘membership’ for quite low prices. Power cords, loudspeaker cables, interconnects were among these.

Of these limited-edition products was a loudspeaker cable called “Silverheart”, a coincident arrangement of metal tubes formed by braided wires, separated from each other by an interstitial insulator of braided multifilament nylon. The innermost tube was formed of silver-plated copper strands braided around a core, and the outermost tube was formed of bare copper strands.


Silverheart was our best seller, by far, and of all the products I released under the A.H.A project it had the most positive feedback,” remarked Mr. Sommovigo. The idea to offer SIlverheart again, as a loudspeaker cable unto itself, had always been on the back-burner, according to Chris, but it wasn’t until he had begun making cables for a car-audio competitor that he considered offering it as a raw, unterminated cable to those for whom such things were useful. “Because of it’s simple construction, Silverheart was the product best-suited for sale as raw-cable to DIY enthusiasts and car audio fanatics, a category which was lacking in our offering.”

With the introduction of the sub-brand, Ghostwire, Mr. Sommovigo hopes to address the needs of DIY and Car Audio enthusiasts with this new version of the Silverheart coincident-condcutor cable. While it’s slated retail will be $55 USD per running meter, Ghostwire will be selling it for $40 per running meter during an introductory period. Construction of the cable, which is made entirely in Mr. Sommovigo’s small workshop in the seaside town of Yugawara, Kanagawa (Japan), is as follows:

CORE: Japanese-made 3mm cotton rope-cord

Inside tube: Silver plated copper weave (128 strands @ 36awg/ea)

Interstitial Insulator: Multifilament Nylon Braid

Outside tube: Bare copper weave (256 strands @ 38awg/ea)

Jacket: Multifilament nylon braid

Ghostwire also offers limited monthly production of banana-terminated loudspeaker cables.


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