Acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics has launched a new 3D drawing tool that will aid customers in devising acoustic solutions for their space. The GIK Acoustics Virtual Room Planner enables customers to create a 3D rendering of their room and place GIK Acoustics products around the room.

Incorporating room treatments in a space is often daunting because treatments make a visual as well as aural impact on a room. GIK Acoustics new Virtual Room Planner allows customers a platform to treat their room before making a real life commitment. The Virtual Room Planner uses both virtual reality and augmented reality which allows users to both walk through a digital environment and place digital objects in their own home. This easy-to-use advanced modelling technology takes the guess work out of placing treatments in a room.

GIK Acoustics offers a wide variety of room treatments and customers using Virtual Room Planner not only have the option to select the size and quantity of GIK Acoustics treatments, but they can also select fabric colours and plate finishes allowing them to see how treatments will fit in with existing décor. Similar software tools are used by furniture and home improvement companies to help customers feel confident about their selections.

“Over the past few years, GIK has expanded our product offerings to fit the needs of our customers. But there’s a paradox of choice and we don’t want to overwhelm customers with options.” says GIK Acoustics President Glenn Kuras. He adds, “So again we have created a solution to help our customers. The Virtual Room Planner allows clients to see our treatments on the walls, on the ceiling, in corners… it’s an invaluable tool when making the decision to properly treat your space. There is no better investment than room treatments, so we want to make the process of selecting finishes easier rather than harder.”

The Virtual Room Planner is available on all GIK Acoustics websites as a free tool for clients. In addition, GIK Acoustics continues to offer free acoustic advice and design consulting services.



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