GIK Acoustics-Europe will exhibit at Musikmesse in Frankfurt from 15th – 18th April, 2015. GIK Acoustics FlexRange Technology Diagram

GIK Acoustics will debut their Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps with FlexRange Technology Range Limiter and Soffit Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology Range Limiter.

GIK Acoustics first introduced FLEXRANGE TECHNOLOGY in 2013 on their 244 Bass Traps and Monster Bass Traps. FlexRange Technology is GIK Acoustics’ unique system for providing what they say is the best in bass trapping and low end absorption.

Full Range is a broadband option perfect for controlling low end frequencies and is the preferred choice for early reflection points or when upper frequencies need 100% absorption.

Range Limiter option includes a built-in membrane system which starts absorbing at a lower frequency but also has a cut off starting around 400Hz. Using the Range Limiter option is said to ensure maximum low end absorption while retaining nearly 100% of the upper frequencies within your room. Ideally used when no upper frequency absorption is required/desired.

GIK Acoustics-Europe General Manager David Shevyn says, “By expanding the FlexRange Technology options to our very popular Tri-Trap and Soffit Bass Trap, we are offering customers the opportunity to better maximize low end absorption. And there’s no better event to debut these new offerings than at Musikmesse.”

The FlexRange Technology options on Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps and Soffit Bass Traps will be available in Summer 2015.


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