Goebel have been producing their Epoque loudspeaker series since its launch around 6 years ago. They have been working on a new version, soon to be unveiled, the Epoque Aeon.

Oliver Gobel told us more: “As we are always looking for the best, we were and are always challenging ourselves and don’t rest on our laurels. We left no stone un-turned and questioned and reworked every single part of our Epoque loudspeaker series. We spend a fortune of expenses and development time in investigating new materials, technologies, technics and quality controls in order to enhance our Epoque loudspeaker series to the maximum. Our philosophy is, that we don’t unveil update versions until we are 100% happy with the results in all fields!”

The new speakers are the Epoque Aeon Reference, Epoque Aeon Fine, Epoque Aeon Wall, and the Epoque Aeon Baforce. The Epoque Aeon Fine will be unveiled at AXPONA 2018 in April and then the new Epoque Aeon Reference will debut at the Munich High End show 2018 in May.

Oliver says that they have improved the bending wave driver, bass drivers and alignment, improved and adjusted the crossover, introduced new materials for the foot and new ceramic ball feet and added a new German piano lacquer finish. There is currently only a ‘teaser’ image available, expect to see more when we meet them in the flesh at High End Munich 2018.




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