The Gold Note P-1000 MkII is part of the Gold Note flagship 1000 series, which is entirely hand-made in Italy.

P-1000 MKII is an ultra-balanced Class-A preamplifier powered by a Gold Note exclusive proprietary Six Gain Stage design featuring relays and Optical ALPS Encoder volume control.

Ultra Balanced Design

Having a Triple Linear Transformer power supply, P-1000 MKII now offers 8 independent stereo inputs – 4 fully balanced XLR, 4 RCA, and double RCA/XLR outputs. The exclusive Gold Note Ultra-Balanced design developed with Six Single Gain stages enables incredibly low distortion and extended linear bandwidth. The preamp features a complete series of settings to satisfy the most demanding systems: Mono/Stereo, Left/Right channel swap, Absolute Phase Swap (0° to 180°), Over-boost, fine Balance tuning.

The Overboost function is designed to drive speakers that require robust power supplies providing greater energy in the lower range of frequencies and can be turned off or set on two different modes to integrate seamlessly into a wide variety of systems. The settings are stored in the memory together with the volume level for every single audio input to allow a better experience and quick and easy intuitive adjustments.

Series 1000 Aesthetics

The P-1000 MkII is introduced with new aesthetics: the chassis has been updated to the Gold Note look of the Series 1000. The preamplifier is built around an ultra-rigid steel chassis completed by solid panels of aluminium to avoid RFI and EMI. The new design includes hidden screws on the front, top and side panels, and the iconic air vents design formed by the Catenary curve.

With three finishes (black, silver or gold) the P-1000 MkII integrates itself seamlessly into the look of the flagship series that is characterised by a coherent design concept inspired by the native Italian design tradition.

The high level of build quality of the P-1000 MkII is completed with top-level electronic components and flexible RCA and XLR connectors. To enhance the performance of the P-1000 MkII even further, it can be optionally matched with the external super inductive power supply PSU-1250/1000 and/or the valve output stage TUBE-1012/1006.


Suggested retail price: 6500€ and P-1000 MKII Deluxe version with optional features premium grade components and PSU: 7500€

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