GoldenEar Technology, the loudspeaker manufacturer, and The Quest Group, best known as the owner of the AudioQuest brand of cables, Niagara power products, and DragonFly DACs, are very pleased to announce that GoldenEar has become part of The Quest Group.


The Quest Group is a California corporation wholly owned by AudioQuest founder and CEO Bill Low.

Sandy Gross of GoldenEar says: “ I am pleased to announce that The Quest Group, the owner of AudioQuest, has acquired GoldenEar Technology. Owned by Bill Low, an ardent audiophile, The Quest Group, best known as the creator and supplier of the AudioQuest brand, has defined how a focus on audiophile performance can combine with market savvy and understanding, marketing excellence and operational excellence, to achieve exceptional business success. All of these positives mirror what GoldenEar is about, but with greater strength, resources, and capabilities”.


“Don Givogue, Bob Johnston, and I started GoldenEar ten years ago with the vision of creating an American classic: a strong, performance-oriented high-end audio company that would take a leading position on the world stage. When Don approached me several years ago to let me know that he wanted to retire, he tasked me with the challenge of finding the right business partner with which to join GoldenEar—one who understands who we are, what we do, and how we do it. The choice was clear: I have known Bill Low for almost 50 years, dating back to my first trip around the country to set up Polk distribution. Back then, Bill had a small high-end audio store in Portland, Oregon, and, as two fanatical audiophiles, we immediately hit it off and have been friends ever since. So, I enthusiastically approached Bill with the concept of bringing GoldenEar into The Quest Group, joining AudioQuest, and here we are today announcing that combination”.

“Our engineering team, strengthened by the addition of new head Benjamin Seaman, who has tremendous experience organizing and running effective engineering teams in the aerospace industry, remains in place and is busy working on new projects to help me achieve my product dreams”.

Bill Low says “I’m delighted to welcome GoldenEar into the heart of The Quest Group’s performance-oriented audio business”.

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