Goldmund has just released a new generation of analogue products. Anne-Karine of Goldmund got in touch to explain further: “They represent a milestone in the way amplifiers and preamplifiers are designed while they continue capitalising on the expertise Goldmund has developed over almost 40 years of research and development”.

This explains that their names remain the traditional “Telos” or “Mimesis”, followed by the number of the previous series and the addition of the “NextGen” label to clearly differentiate them. The Telos 1000 NextGen, the Telos 2500 NextGen (below) and Mimesis 22 NextGen (second below) are thus our latest and extremely high-end products that perpetuate the Goldmund audiophile lines and tradition”.

The NextGen’s have been thoroughly tested in our Geneva laboratory to warrant their long-term reliability”.

It all started with the creation of the new Telos 5500 that was designed to exceed the quality of the most powerful amplifier ever created by the brand: the Telos 5000. This new version was re-designed with many major technical improvements including its power supply that makes it even more powerful than its predecessor. Its input stage is also completely different with both Analogue (RCA+XLR) and Digital (RCA) inputs in standard. The input circuit was also enhanced to allow silent switching and guarantee the stability when input mode and level are changed. The amplifier security has been “considerably perfected” in order to protect precious drivers from the extreme power the amplifier can deliver.

Goldmund say that the results were so striking that they decided to apply all these enhancements to their other top analogue amplifiers as well. The Telos 1000 NextGen and 2500 NextGen borrow their power amplifier boards from the Telos 5500 and from the most powerful Goldmund speakers like the Apologue Anniversary by using the same circuit board, the Goldmund 6209H. Both amplifiers come with a better input board in digital, better thermal grounding, and increased power for The Telos 2500 NextGen with its new 80 000 microfarad PSU power bank.

All Telos NextGen’s have the latest generation management software in MCU and are easily upgradable. They are controllable by RS232 port so they can be used with a Crestron House Automation system or other remote control systems like the simple Goldmund ipad/iphone Remote Control. Their adjustment of power functions (On-Off-Standby) can now be controlled remotely and a gain adjustment can be added for complex configurations. The NextGen Telos 1000 and 2500 benefit from a new front control panel with more technical capabilities in measuring the amplifier and provide better safety circuits.

Finally, the Mechanical Grounding of the Telos 2500 NextGen is improved by a fourth pod of evacuation with an additional complete gold-plated brass framing inside.

With all these new features, Goldmund could not resist announcing another model that they have just finished designing: A new integrated amplifier. The Telos 590 NextGen! (pictured below)

It is a 2x300W (on 8 Ohms) integrated amplifier with 8 inputs: 5 analogue, one digital, one optical and one USB. Using the same amplification circuit as the other NextGen units, it is much more powerful and so, much bigger than its predecessor, the Telos 390.5. It also benefits from a considerably improved mechanical grounding construction. With two heat-radiating side fins that secure a constant optimal temperature a beveled front panel inspired from the Telos 2500. Goldmund say: “The first day we listened to the prototype, we immediately decided to launch the first 100 units in production”.

On the preamplifier side, the Mimesis 22H NextGen will be the companion to the new mono amplifiers. It comes with a 14 cm high chassis (instead of 11 cm on the previous Mimesis 22H version) for both the preamplifier and the power supply. The additional metal weight and ventilation allows greatly improved circuit temperature stability, especially important for this high-temperature unit when used in tropical areas. In addition, the power supply will have the capacity to power a second unit (for example a new version of the phono stage PH3.8 or a DAC).





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