“Excellence is a lifestyle, an art de vivre,  consciously  chosen  by those who cannot settle for less than the best; those who have the knowledge to determine in all domains of life what is  betterLogos_anatta_front_goldmunc intrinsically, but above all, what is better for them. It is with these customers in mind that the Logos Anatta was created” announces the latest press release from Goldmund.

The new Logos Anatta cannot hide it is related to the Apologue Anniversary Limited Edition designed twenty five years ago by the contemporary Italian artist Claudio Rotta Loria.

Modern and cubic, Goldmund wanted the Anatta to stand out as being different, special, yet timeless. Its design is adapted to contemporary styles but also creates an interesting contrast in classical decors.

The Logos Anatta is 1.6 meters (5’6”) height and uses the best quality steel, ultra-rigid brass, aluminum, rhodium, and gold. The Anatta is made out of aluminum that is treated to create the traditional Goldmund satin finish.

All Logos Anatta speakers are assembled by hand at the Goldmund factory and consists in sourcing each element of the speaker from  the  most expert Swiss companies. Some of them are small enterprises that work with only a few selected customers such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and Goldmund. Each of  them  being  highly  specialized  in one domain only (mechanics, treatment, electronics etc.)..  

Logos Anatta is built with the Mechanical Grounding technology developed by Goldmund to evacuate spurious vibrations that affect the sound quality.

The Logos Anatta is a “wireless capable” speaker. It adapts to your needs in terms of system options.

If you wish for extreme simplicity, you can use the Anatta with the USB computer dongle that is provided with it. Plugged in your computer, it will wirelessly transfer the signal to your speakers without any need for additional equipment to listen to your tracks. If you have several sources and want to connect your television, your computer and your disc player, a wireless hub like the Mimesis 11 or the Talisman (this one with the size and shape of a jewelry box) will be enough to transmit from all of them. If you wish to use the Anatta as front speakers in a home cinema, you may also choose an acoustic processor and a wireless transmitter.

The power cord, the only really necessary cable, is completely hidden  within  the  frame and connects at the rear bottom part of it and amplifiers and filters are integrated within the speakers. The Anatta can also be used wired by a coaxial link and the digital link RCA plug is located right next to the AC connector.

When the Logos Anatta operates as front speakers in a multichannel system, it is delivered with a customized configuration created from the mathematical model of the room in which it is installed and taking into account the rest of the equipment used in the system. Configurations are calculated by an engineer of the Goldmund Geneva Acoustic  Laboratory.


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