Goodwood Atoms blends ethereal melodies with insistent grooves and electronic flourishes, inspired by the likes of Yeasayer, Alt-J, Youth Lagoon and Radiohead. Since forming in 2014, they have earned accolades from the likes of Noisey, Clash, Indie Shuffle, Baeble Music, PopMatters and All Things Go and are set to release a 4 track EP on May 12 through the French label Yunizon Records.

From the upbeat indie-pop of EP opener “Dreaming About”, with its boundless swirl of synths and purposeful rhythm, through the ethereal and hypnotic tenderness of “Tech Know”, there’s a pervading sense of darker themes jostling for position underneath. The cinematic lead single “Into The Bay”, with its combination of organic, acoustic elements and rich electronic instrumentation, is a good example of this, as the band explain;

“Into the Bay is a song about boundaries. We create boundaries to make sense of the world—boundaries between truth and fallacy, between good and evil, between who we think we are and who we think other people are. But at the same time we seem to be constantly in search of ways to be freed from the constraints of these boundaries, if sometimes only for a night. Into the bay is about the dichotomy between these two states of mind, or these two competing impulses.”

The haunting closing track “Place” wraps up a delicately melodic, and eclectic, outing from the Vancouver quartet, that intertwines the influence of artists like Fleet Foxes, Future Islands, Yeasayer, Sigur Ros and Radiohead.

On forthcoming EP “The Place”, Goodwood Atoms collaborate with a number of Vancouver music luminaries including Nygel Asselin (Half Moon Run), Shawn Cole (You Say Party!), Jon Anderson (Said the Whale), Dave Vertesi (Hey Ocean!) and Cayne McKenzie (We Are the City). Since forming in 2014, they have earned accolades from the likes of Noisey, Indie Shuffle, Clash, Baeble Music, PopMatters and All Things Go.

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