roksponsmallThis year at the Hifi Show Live, Windsor G-Point Audio are in the Sandringham 6 Suite. The core of the system is built around a digital source: LampizatOr TranspOrt and optional Mac Mini (Audirvana). Playback will be via the LampizatOr Golden Gate DAC, accompanied by LampizatOr GM 70 monoblock amplifiers and with audio cabling from both Skogrand Cables and Albedo Silver. Loudspeakers will be the hORNS Universum MKIII.

They are also taking the opportunity to showcase new turntable brand, J Sikora plus the latest edition of the My Sound Cubes, their Golden Amorphous Premium version of the EL84 monoblocks, and they will have a world premier of the new Albedo Mono-crystal digital IC, made of pure monocrystal silver.


The foundations of the system will be the GigaWatt PC-4 Evo power front, accompanied by Verictum Demiurg power cables and X-Block/X-Bulk filtering products.


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