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Grado has introduced the next generation of its Prestige Series open-back headphones. With over six decades of audio design experience, this headphone range is deep-rooted in the New York based company history.


The Grado Prestige series were the first headphones designed by John Grado three decades ago. Building on the E series, the new Grado Prestige X Series, sees a further refinement of its predecessor, featuring new enhanced speakers, an advanced cable design and a more comfortable headband across its five models, the SR60x, SR80x, SR125x, SR225x and SR325x.

Grado Prestige X Series Headphones

Grado Prestige X Series Headphones, the top of the range SR325x model


All headphones are handcrafted at the Brooklyn-based headquarters. The classic, signature enclosure design throughout the range is present with the flagship model, SR325x, retaining its metal housing.


The enhanced X Series speaker design encompasses a new magnetic circuit that’s been revised for improved efficiency in conjunction with a newly designed voice coil and diaphragm to further reduce distortion and enhance harmonic integrity. As a result the new Prestige series is easier to drive across a variety of portable devices.

Grado Prestige X Series Headphones

Grado Prestige X Series SR225x headphones


The Prestige X Series deploys a new cable design offering more durability and flexibility. The 8-conductor (SR125x, SR225x, SR325x) and 4-conductor (SR60x, SR80x) cables now feature a super annealed copper wire to deliver an improved purity of the audio signal.


Grado headphones have always been designed for comfort, especially when enjoying long listening sessions. The Prestige X Series redesign to the headband improves comfort which reduces listening fatigue. The headband has a leather aesthetic, however, is a synthetic protein material which means it is vegan-friendly, except for the SR325x which continues to use a leather headband.


John Grado, Owner, Grado says, “The Prestige Series means the world to our family”, says Jonathan Grado. “It’s the first series we ever released, and includes not only our first-ever headphone (SR80) but also our first metal pair as well (SR325). Our goal was to increase the efficiency of our drivers while not only maintaining, but improving, the purity of the original recording and the mid-range we’re known for. Without the Prestige Series, we wouldn’t be here.”

Grado Prestige X Series Headphones

The Grado Prestige X SR60x Headphones are just $99/£109.95


The Grado Prestige X Series (availability TBC) priced (SRP):

Grado SR60x – £109.95 / $99

Grado SR80x – £129.95 / $125

Grado SR125x – £189.95 / $175

Grado SR225x – £249.95 / $225

Grado SR325x – £329.95 / $295

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