Grado Labs is introducing the GT220, the family’s first true wireless pair of headphones. Years in the making, the Brooklyn company didn’t want to rush the process of creating a compact and versatile wireless headphone.

Grado spent as much time as needed tuning and fitting their signature mini-drivers for these TWS headphones, giving just as much dedication as they do to their full-sized drivers.

Grado Labs GT220 True Wireless

Bifurcated Capacitive Touch System

The GT220 has a bifurcated capacitive touch system: the left side controls phone and voice, while the right side controls music playback. With a twist to lock, the GT220 can create a tight seal in the ear which plays a major role in sound reproduction. Also included is full volume control so that you don’t have to take your phone out. Battery life was a major focus with the GT220 coming in at 36 hours of listening.. The true wireless headphones hold 6 hours of playtime, while their case can charge them back up to five times over. The GT220 case has both USB-C and wireless charging options.

Grado Labs GT220 True Wireless in their charging case

Jonathan Grado

“I’m pretty excited about finally releasing the GT220”, says Jonathan Grado, VP of Grado Labs. “We’ve been working on these for the last two years, and I’ve been using them almost every day for the past couple months. The battery life and charging options are some my favourite parts, really happy with not having to worry about if they’re charged or not. They kind of just always are. I think my mom is tired of me telling her ‘Look mom, no wires.’ every time I walk by her with them on though.”

Grado GT220 Price


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