Gryphon Audio Designs are returning to North America with On A Higher Note, LLC as its exclusive distributor after a ten year sabbatical.

Gryphon Audio Designs, an internationally acclaimed Danish high end audio manufacturer, has selected On A Higher Note, LLC as its exclusive distributor for North America. Based in California, their extensive dealer network are poised to reintroduce The Gryphon’s line of electronics and loudspeakers to music lovers in the UUnited States and Canada.

Philip O’Hanlon, President of On A Higher Note, has this to say: “We are very excited to be able to bring The Gryphon back to North American homes. Having known and admired Flemming Rasmussen and his team for many years, we are delighted to be presented with this true gem of an opportunity to be able to share our passion for music through Gryphon’s unapologetically uncompromising high-end audio systems.”

 “Whether it is in the selection of music to demonstrate the musical essence, the dedication in the setup of individual audio systems to showcase its highest performance, or the depth of knowledge in extracting synergy from every product On A Higher Note distributes, Philip and his team has demonstrated their commitment to musical integrity, best matching Gryphon’s design philosophy and manufacturing fortitude,” commended Flemming E. Rasmussen, Founder and CEO of Gryphon Audio Designs.

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