After 33 years at the helm of iconic Danish High End brand Gryphon Audio Designs, Flemming Erik Rasmussen is withdrawing from the company he created almost unintentionally in 1985.

Rasmussen entered the audio field from an unusual direction after earning a degree in painting and graphic arts at the Aarhus Art Academy in Aarhus, Denmark. Bitten by the audio bug, Rasmussen formed 2R Marketing, which grew quickly to become Denmark’s leading High End audio importer.

Gryphon Audio Designs was founded in 1985 as an offshoot of 2R Marketing. The first product, the Gryphon Head Amp, grew from a one-off spare time project developed only for the designers’ own home systems. Although the Head Amp was initially strictly a hobby project, not an actively pursued commercial venture, demand generated by reviews and word of mouth acclaim led to the formal establishment of Gryphon Audio Designs as a separate corporate entity.

Thanks to Rasmussen’s dedicated effort Gryphon Audio Designs is today one of the leading players in High End Audio with a complete range of ultra high end audio products. Rasmussen’s background in fine arts and industrial design imbues every Gryphon product with distinctive, luxuriant styling. His elegant, uniquely Scandinavian black on black designs is the original Nordic Noir, long before TV crime dramas appropriated the term. Rasmussen has created a number of iconic products that changed the game of High End Audio. To mention a few Gryphon Mikado CD-player, Gryphon Colosseum Power Amplifier and the Gryphon Kodo Speaker System, products that have received world wide acclaim for their industrial design.

Rasmussen will retire at an all time high for Gryphon Audio Design and will hand over the daily overall responsibility to Jakob Odgaard. Rasmussen now plans to devote himself to his favourite pastimes which include fly fishing, photography, motorcycles, vintage automobiles and especially his first love, painting. However, Gryphon hopes that Rasmussen will find time and energy in his retirement to make new designs for the brand, he created.


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