Air Audio Distribution are introducing a new brand of Moving Coil Cartridges to the UK market called Hana. Hana1

Hana means “brilliant and gorgeous” in Japanese.

The Hana brand cartridges are hand made by the Excel Sound Corporation in Tokyo, Japan; who have been making cartridges on an OEM basis for 50 years, specialising in MC types.

Hana is launching with four new MC cartridges, two with elliptical diamond styli and two with a nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus. HANA2

All four use high rigidity aluminium cantilevers and cross-shaped armatures, providing a ‘brilliant and gorgeous’ sound, with excellent tracking, tonality and stereo presentation.

 Hana MC Cartridges Specification
Stylus Synthetic
Nude Diamond
Nude Diamond
Output level2mv/1kHz0.5mv/1KHz2mv/1KHz0.5mv/1KHz
Output balance<2dB/1KHz<2dB/1KHz<1.5dB/1KHz<1.5dB/1KHZ
Vertical Tracking force2gr2gr2gr2gr
Channel separation22dB/1KHz22dB/1KHz25dB/1KHz 25dB/1KHz
Frequency response15-25,000Hz15-25,000Hz15-32,000Hz15-32,000Hz
Impedance130Ω/1KHz30Ω/1KHz130Ω/1KHz 30Ω/1KHz
Suggested load
Cartridge weight5gr5gr5gr5gr
Body ColourMoss GreenMoss GreenBlackBlack

The line-up is as follows:

Hana EL       Low output elliptical diamond styli, output at 0.5mv/1KHz  £276.00

Hana EH       High output elliptical diamond styli, output at 2.0mv/1KHz  £276.00

Hana SL       Low output Shibata diamond styli, output at 0.5mv/1KHz  £447.00

Hana SH       High output Shibata diamond styli, output at 2.0mv/1KHz  £447.00


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