Croatian-based newcomer “Hana-Lab” has recently announced their new audio server plus Class D amp set in a stylish and unusual design.

This versatile fanless audio server has integrated DAC which supports high-resolution playback (configurable with a 24/192 or 32/384 DAC) and a variety of streaming services (Spotify, Internet radio, UPNP/DLNA playback, Airplay, etc.).rpi-kit-round

It plays most of the usual audio formats (MP3, Flac, Aiff, WAV, etc.) via external USB, or a wide selection of Internet radio stations. It also supports network sources for audio files (NAS or a network share).

The server connects to network via Ethernet cable or wirelessly (Wi-Fi), and the network connection is very easy to set up say the company.

The server can be controlled by smartphone or tablet, using several luxurious free client interfaces available for Android and iOS (showing album covers, searchable by genre, etc.).rpi-lcd-remote

The other part of the product is a small and efficient amplifier, based on the well-known TI TPA3116D2 chip, which will easily handle even the more demanding speakers. Like the server, the amplifier part of the product is also customisable, so you can choose different combinations, e.g. a more powerful amp (2x100W).

Hana-Lab offers a unique blend of technology, design and craftsmanship, together with individualised approach to each customer.

They have several other optional additions to this basic product (enclosure for the external 2.5″ hard disk, or a server with front-mounted LCD screen and an additional IR remote control), and offer completely customised setups. Their manufacturing process is artisanal, and each product is  handmade in consultation with the customer (they will even go as far as to offer differently positioned power switches for left-handed users).

The prices for the server start at €350 for a simple network player without DAC: the model shown has integrated HD Audio DAC, at 24-bit, 192KHz, and costs €450. The amplifiers start at €320 for the basic 2x50W model, with a 10% discount if both are purchased at once.


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