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All the staff at Tellurium Q would like to wish Hifi Pig readers, all our customers, dealers and distributors a happy Christmas and hope you all have a fantastic New Year. Black Diamond Product of the Year (1)

We have been especially lucky this year in receiving product of the year awards for six individual products throughout our range from entry level right up to the reference cables, these are:

Black Diamond Speaker cable, awarded product of the year in both Poland and UK and as one reviewer called it: “The tonal balance is perfect”.

BD-USB 1 (1)Black Diamond USB, that even one of our cable competitors admitted: “Your Black Diamond [USB] cable is wonderful. Detailed and highly resolving with a wonderful decay with both voice and instruments and a lovely sense of ambiance Absolutely true to source and very musical, relaxed and neutral.

Congratulations. Thank you for the opportunity to use and evaluate the Black Diamond USB cable. ZenSati Australia endorses your Black Diamond USB cable.

You have a true faithful to source USB Cable. If manufacturers and designers could only produce digital sources as good as your cables we would have digital Nirvana.”

George Fracchia, ZenSati Australia

Blue USB,“Comparing the Blue lead with the best cables that I have in the house was an eye-opener. I found that I was getting a Blue-USB-1-Close-Largesmoother and more detailed treble response, a very fast delivery of the bass and an open sound-stage that displayed a certain amount of depth that I am not used to hearing from a USB connected source”

Shuko-EU-Black-Power-Small-185x125Black Power Cable:“ A frankly stunning performance – a rare set of cables that have the ability to transform your entire hi fi chain”

In short, I can honestly say the Tellurium Q Black Diamond interconnects and speaker cable are the very best leads that I have ever had in my system.

The position of Tellurium Q© has remained staunchly the same since it was founded in 2009: BD-XLR-Full-4-Large

  1. We will only produce a product if we believe there is an audible benefit for our customers.
  1. We do not publish technical specifications partly because you need to hear that there is a difference, that is the most important thing of all.


We hope that your will get the opportunity to hear what your system can sound like in 2015 with Tellurium Q© cables.TQBOTTOM

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